A revolution in the industry
of lubricants

an industry's transition to the next new technological level


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VALENA-SV is already successful and existing business
  • Valena-SVCoin is a Blockchain technology, which integrate in real time the manufacturer of Vlena-SV, distributors, industrial enterprises, logistics companies, construction companies with a large fleet of special equipment, car owners, and laboratories, which testing the state of lubricant.
  • Experience in sales and production is more than 10 years;
  • Customer base is more than 22 000 companies;
  • The project is based on two significant discoveries of world importance!
  • Prof. Dmitri Grakunov is the scientist with worldwide reputation and Leading Technical Specialist of the project.
  • Prof. Dmitri Grakunov was awarded the Tribology Gold medal by the Royal Society, for his outstanding work in the field of tribology engineering, prize by Prezident of Russian Federation, prize by Government of Russian Federation.

Economy of the token:

  • SVCoin tokens are provided with the goods. The SVCoin tokens can be exchanged for any Valena-SV product.
  • The whole dealer network uses SVCoin tokens for mutual settlements.
    The price of our products and services Valena-SV can include up to 25% of tokens. By scanning the QR code through the mobile application, customers will be able to see SVC in their account and use it when paying for Valena-SV goods, oil condition monitoring services, logistics services or transfer to the exchange.
  • The increase of demand for SVCoin tokens is guaranteed by the more profitable circumstances for the purchase of Valena-SV products using Valena-SV tokens. The purchase price using SVCoin tokens is lower by 25%.
    Distributors will be able to purchase SVC to confirm their status and sell it to their regional dealers and partners. Thus SVC is an integral part of the ecosystem SVCoin.
  • The quantity of tokens is limited (65 million SVCoin tokens), and the market volume is more than $ 70 billion and grows annually.
  • SVCoin tokens will be sold on the main world exchanges by the end of 2018.
  • Redemption of tokens will be occurred when the project is payback.


  • A revolution in the industry of lubricants;
  • Transation the industry's transition to new technological level;
  • Set up a new standards for the operation industrial equipment and machinery;
  • Creating the fifth generation in motor and industrial oils;
  • Reducing the technogenic load on the environment and emissions into the Atmosphere.

Looking ahead

We are creating the Blockchain as the first global database for machinery, industrial equipment, cargo and passenger transportation, as well as for passenger cars with the aim of reducing costs and improving the quality and time of use.


We have already served many popular brands such as: Boeing, Russian Railways, Mosgortrans is a state-owned company operating bus, trolleybus and tram networks in Moscow and Moscow region., GBU Moscow roads and highways, PJSC " Energie Generating Company №14", PJSC "POLYUS.”


According to the state import substitution program we plan to occupy the huge share of the Russian market of idustrial's additives what is 10% of the global market.

WE achieved the agreement with Gazprom Neft and LUKOIL
are the two biggest Russian companies in oil production industries.


We are planning to make batch additives according to the license agreement together with dealers of the market — the Lubrizol Corporation, Infineum International Ltd., Afton Chemical Corporation, Oronite Company LLC.


World Market Capacity

1 6 mlrd

Our share in Market by 2022

2 47 mlrd
3 600 mln
4 28 mlrd
5 750 mln



65 000 000 SVCoin

We guarantee: SVCoin at any time can be exchanged to any product Valena-SV in the amount corresponding to the value SVCoin at the current time, i.e. if at some time 1(one) SVCoin is equal to $10, $100 or $1000 r, then respectively it will be the cost of product Valena-SV at shipment.

  • — auto parts stores and car consumables;
  • — garages, car washes and gas stations;
  • — oil companies and producers of oil;
  • — companies with a large fleet;
  • — industrial companies.
Currently we deliver Valena-SV product to anywhere in the world.

The exit of SVCoin to the exchanges won't be later than December 2018.
Demand for SVCoin tokens is guaranteed by more favorable tirms for the purchase of Valena-SV products by tokens, than by fiat money.

The quantity of SVCoin tokens is limited and the amount of the introduction of tokens into markets will grow.

Token distribution

For the participants of the fundraiser will be available — 52 740 000 tokens SVCoin (81%). These tokens will be implemented in the framework of the Pre-Sale Pre-ICO, ICO in the future, and implemented referral program. On Bounty — reward for PR-activities (signatures on the forums, keeping those in the local languages, translation of documents into local language, publications in social networks, blogs, etc) provided — 660 000 tokens SVC (1%). 6 000 000 SVC (9%) reserved for external consultants and individuals providing support in the early stages. 5 600 000 SVC to remain in the Fund Valena-SV. Some of them will be distributed among the team members (with the restriction of the sale), also these tokens will be need it to implement additional marketing strategies, the expansion of the team and further development of the company within the 10-year strategy.

SVCoinValena – SVCoin Blockchain Application

To ensure project organizational processes we are going to use a specialized blockchain SVchain. SVchain is side chained to the token SVCoin on the basis of the Hyper Ledger Fabric.

This approach will help to avoid costs associated with transaction token SVCoin among the participants, for instance: the Company, regional productions, distributors, dealers and end-user, legal entity and individual. Thereby a transparent model transaction will be provided.

Mutual settlements in SVCoin among all participants ensure a positive trend in demand, which is a pledge for the growth of the token value

Each participant of the chain can set up the node for monitoring and guarantee that all information is integrate for all obligations and operations:
• signed contracts;
• supply;
• facts billing/penalties.

  • The main tasks are solved by SV-chain on the basis of smart contracts which functioning inside the blockchain are:
    • Ensuring the secure transaction SVCoin between public blockchain Ethereum and specialized blockchain SVchain;
    • to control obligations and business transactions among the participants;
    • A single marketplace option for the wholesale supply of products based on the technology Valena-SV;
    • Provision developed opportunities for integration SVchain with the information systems of the participants;
    • Quality assurance and control supply chains from producer to members of the network — distributors, dealers.

It is also possible to connect the participant to the centralized node blockchain which is provided by company guaranty SVCoin.

Схема Blockchain




The main requirements for the motor additives are to save the engine from wear and tear and improve engine’s and lubricant’s characteristics, extend motor’s service life.

The size of the contact spots of friction parts and the lubricant’s temperature are the main criteria which may help to achieve above-mentioned results.The smaller the contact point is, the less friction is and the consequence is lower materials wear. Keeping the lubricants temperature at a moderate level will save the protective properties of oil and increase its life.
The test results showed when the oil additive Valena-SV was added to the oil the contact point reduced by five times and the oil temperature reduced by 98.96 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result of testing 22 different oil additives only 4 additives revealed the slightly higher result than Valena-SV regarding reducing the size of contact spot whereas Valena-SV established an absolute record in decreasing the temperature. In the context of temperature achievements, the oil additive which immediately following Valena-SV demonstrated a reduction only by 70.7 degrees Fahrenheit.


By adding oil-soluble complexes Valena-SV into the oil increases its service life more than two times without losing of lubricating properties. The oil-soluble complexes Valena-SV aids to increase the engine service life in several times and normalize compression in the cylinders, engine power increases by 10-12%. The engine behaves better at cold start; engine parts fully protected against hydrogen wear and as a side effect of all this fuel savings up to 14%. This is a remarkable performance for any car owner if he cares for his car and wants to get him a little more than it was initially planned by the automaker.

Increase oil life

More than

2 times

Power increase up



Fuel economy up




Experience in the practical application of the product shows a reduction of harmful emissions by more than 3% for CO2 and more than by 6 times for sulphur.



Garkunov Dmitri

Chief Technical Specialist

Laureate of RF Government Prize in science and technology. Laureate of the prize of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of Education. He has published about 200 papers in tribology, including 28 monographs. In 2005, the International Council on Tribology awarded Garkunov D. N. Gold Medal of the British Royal Society of Engineering Tribology Association (awarded in 2006). Author of two scientific discoveries. The phenomenon of "selective transfer" (the effect of bezsennosc) and "hydrogen wear of metals." The Chairperson of the Advisory Council for Tribology of the Bauman MSTU N. Uh. Bauman.

Babel Valentina

Senior Technical Specialist

Doctor of Technical Sciences, academician of Academy of problems of quality, Laureate of RF Government prize in Science and Technology, laureate of the prize of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of Education. A great specialist in the field metalloplastic lubricants for friction units of machines and mechanisms. He developed the theoretical basis for the creation of anti-wear additives of the new generation, oil-soluble additives metalloplastiic with the use of metals of variable valency, of a lubricating composition "Valena" and "Servovit", giving high anti-friction and anti-oxidation properties of lubricants. He has published over 80 scientific papers, has 22 copyright certificates and patents for inventions. Is part of the research group which developed VALENA-SV.

Babel Alex

Technical Project Director

Leningrad Technological Institute. Specialty technology of basic organic and oil chemical synthesis.
Leningrad Military Academy of Logistics and Transport. Organization and optimization of scientific research in the field of hematologie.
Leading researcher in TSKTB of Rosselhozbanka at the Lomonosov repair plant, solved the problem of speed up the break-in of engines after overhaul, participated in the development and testing of multifunctional compositions based on silicon-organic compounds to lubricating oils.
Academician of the Russian Academy of quality problems. Worked as Leading hematolog at the Technical University in Hamburg.
Thirty years of experience in scientific and practical work in the field of development and renovation in mechanical engineering. Is the Co-Founder and
Technical Director of the company.

Mironov Alexander

Head of Technical Department

Moscow Automobile Road Institute. Trained in the MSTU. Bauman courses on Tribology.
Wide practical knowledge and skills in mechanics, electronics, and mechanical engineering.
Experience as chief engineer in the Moscow production plant of 7 years.
Implements Valena-SV in a variety of different industries.


Igor Girgin

Sales Director in Europe

He graduated from St. Petersburg State University. The Faculty Of Economics
He founded and headed the company "Цифроград24" — https://www.cifrograd24.ru/
Today: Is a member of the Board of Directors of JSC "Bank Nevsky.” Founder and Financial Director of the company Valena-SV, OOO "Motor life"


Avanesyan Valentin

Senior Technical Specialist

A physicist, a graduate of MIPT;
specialist in the physics of super-weak interactions in nature and society; author of articles, inventions and patents on energy, medicine and computer science.
Is part of the scientific team that developed VALENA-SV.

Kvasnevska Natalia

Senior Technical Specialist Project

Doctor of Technical Sciences. The expert of MADI-TEST. Associate Professor of the Department Cars, MADI. BMW Service Coaching, Training Train the Trainer DMDC. Process Adaption. BMW Germany Munchen

Shchedrin Alexei

Senior Technical Specialist Project

Moscow automotive Institute.
Associate Professor, candidate of Technical Sciences (1992).
The author of the development of scientific bases of technological systems with artificial intelligence. Shchedrin, A.V., and establishes the framework for the tribological synthesis competitive technological objects represented by the results of industrial use highly effective methods of deforming processing tools with regular microgeometry of the surface, a proven prospect of further drastic improvement of the combined technologies on the basis of the realization of the fundamental scientific discoveries of the effect of anti-wear friction. Published 240 scientific works, including 9 copyright certificates and 8 patents for invention, 24 scientific papers were republished in the United States.
Is part of the research team for development of products VALENA-SV.

Melnikov Eduard

Senior Technical Specialist

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored inventor of the Russian Federation, academician of the Academy of Quality of Russian Federation, Professor, Ph. D. of the Bauman MSTU].Bauman, engineer-physicist. Over 40 years of research and production activities they implemented in production 2515 inventions and new technological processes, 95 copyright certificates and 3 patents for inventions. Is part of the research group which developed VALENASV and other metalloprotease greases and lubricants. Together with "Motor life" deals with tribological studies of lubricants and car chemicals on the basis of MSTU. Bauman.


Peter Leschinskiy


Moscow State Forest University (MSFU), Faculty of Electronics and Systems Engineering. Specialty Applied Mathematics. Open University of Cyril and Methodius.
MBA “Project management.” Nine years head of a company that sells lubricants, spare
parts and construction equipment in Moscow.


Astakhov Viktor

Director of Development

Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (Moscow State Railway University).
Specialty – "law and social security organization.” Moscow Academy of Economics and Law (Mael). Russian National Academy of Sciences. More than 10 years of experience in leadership positions, including experience in organizing and running own business in the field of telecommunication services retail trade products and in the production of designs for the advertising industry.


Stanislav Sorokin

Project Manager for Implementation of Blockchain

Co-founder and Technical Director of the blockchain integrator KB CONTRACT.
More than 13 years of experience in the role of architect and lead developer.
With blockchain-technologies 2013.
Achievements: launch sites — www.sochi2014.com and www.vtb24.ru .


Fedor Strelkov

IT Project Director

The Moscow Energy Institute. Master of Engineering and Technology. The IT Programmer.
Programming experience 20 years in various IT companies.
Comprehensive knowledge of desktop applications, administration of distributed information systems, search engine optimization, database development. Practical skills a high level in technology: C++, C#, PHP, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, SEO.


Ameenah Baliad

Development Director Asia Pacific Market

Memorial Institute of Resale, Philippines. Fifteen years of administrative experience in
international companies in the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates. Languages — Filipino, English, Arabic. Distribution Valena-SV in the Philippines.

Jang Hae

Development Director at Chinese and Korean Markets

The University of the Russian Academy of Education. General Psychology Harvard, UK. Training in the School of Business and the English language. Experience in international Chinese companies for 10 years. Perfect knowledge: Chinese, Russian,English.


Johan Packe

Sales Director in Germany

State Technical College in Berlin, Germany.
Сертифицированный инженер.
A certified engineer.
Business training, sales and communications. Ten 10 years of experience in various positions in German companies for the production and sale of agricultural equipment and lubricants.


Shaheer Nazer

Director of Sales Development in India and the Middle East

Masters in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing, Operations and IT.
Ten years of experience as an executive of a trading company in Dubai. Extensive experience in sales and international marketing.
Distributes Valena-SV in India and UAE in 2014.


Suchocki Eugene

Sales Director in Russia and CIS Countries

The Belarusian State University. The faculty of "National Institute of Management and Social Technologie. Belarusian Institute of Business and Management of Technology.
Experience in the banking and telecommunications sectors.
Director of Sales Products Valena-SV in the CIS.


Francesco Oralndo

Sales Director Italy

Director of sales at BRICO OK in Calabria.
Commercial Director at MDB Caldaie in Calabria.
Senior Sales Account in the company Corab S. A. S.
Corab S. A. S. is a distributor Valena-SV in Italy.
Recently reached an agreement with one of the largest online stores chemicals Italy AUTOGOLD.


Leonid Tuchynskiy

Investment Advisor

International investment. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of management of investment projects in leading companies in Russia and abroad.
He received degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences on speciality «World Economy» upon termination of postgraduate study at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, holder of MBA from Cranfield School of Management (UK).


Gleb Kotov

Public Relations

Specialist in formation of system of strategic communications of brands. He graduated from the Journalist faculty of Moscow State University. He started as a journalist in the Soviet Union in 1991 and worked for major newspaper publishing companies. In 1996 as a correspondent of the information service of NTV. In 2003 the chief Director of «3 channel.»
The first major project in the field of PR – development and implementation of communication strategy of the «Party of Pensioners» in the elections to the State Duma in 2003. In 2004 he moved to the Ukraine, where he advised on the presidential elections. For many years he was responsible for the implementation of special projects of the company Aeroflot. In 2008, to mark the anniversary, the company developed the concept of the retrospective exhibit a « History of the Aeroflot in Images and implemented a project which were seen by residents of New York, Prague, and also in many cities of Russia. In 2009 the project was awarded the prize «Silver Archer» (main prize in the field of PR in Russia). Led the market launch of many brands in the real sector. Created more than 70 successful PR projects.



Geleranskiy Peter

Strategy adviser

More than 10 years of work in financial institutions. Until recently, he worked as a Director of the corporate governance Department in the private pension Fund (NPF), until he became interested in blockchain projects. The founder of the rating service according to blockchain projects icocra.com He graduated with honors from the Peoples ' Friendship University of Russia. Candidate of political Sciences. Certificate of financial market specialist. Translator from the English language.


Kovtun Eugene

The Expert Advisory Board

Internet service provider. The owner of the Event Agency. A trader with 5 years of experience. Coach of the blockchain system. Founder of the Trust Foundation.


Production of the main component of the filler systems and oil-filler complexes Valena-SV in Russia. Chemical high-tech production of a full cycle. Development of Management Information System on Blockchain technology (logistics module, CRM module, order management, reporting, quality control system, management system, marketing and others) until the end of 2018.
Our three year’s marketing strategy is designed with focus towards Europe, USA, China, Japan, Russia In parallel to how PR will bring results, we are going to open representative offices of the company and form dealer chains.
Opening of foreign production facilities, welding complexes Valena-SV and development distribution networks in key markets worldwide. Development of the distribution network countries with the most promising markets.

We are planing to open foreign Valena-SV productions and to develop distribution chains in major world markets. Developing the distribution chains in the most promising markets. Our plans are to open:
  • More than 20 distributors around the world
  • Over 35 trade missions in different countries throughout the world
  • More than 1500 points of sale
  • More than 5,000 jobs
Our own production of motor and industrial oils under the Valena-SV brand is planned to be organized at the same time with the launch of production of the main component of Valena . The term is till the end of 2018.
Obtaining certificates and permits from manufacturers for the supply of oils
We are planning to obtain certificates and permits for our additive systems to deliver them to Russian and World motor oil producers by the end of 2018.
Our aim is to open several foreign productions of motor and industrial oils under the brand Valena-SV. In 2019 and 2020 we are planing to reveal two foreign productions.
Our range is expected to include the following products:
  • Engine cleaner
  • Washer fluid
  • For 2 stroke motors
  • Complex racing machines
  • Systems for marine engines
  • Systems for aviation
  • Weapons lubricant
  • Production of grease
The whole our range is scheduled to launch into mass production by the end of 2020


Private sale of tokens

Today you can buy our tokens with 40% discount! 1 SVC = 1.5 $


Call center: 8-800-555-6119 E-mail: peter@valena-svcoin.io